Full-featured collaboration tool to manage all your project communications

Connect, discuss,share and collaborate on Linarc. Work better outside the inbox. Linarc's project based workspaces allows every team on the project to connect on a single workspace. Contextual sharing allows you to share information meaningfully.

A better way to share, receive real-time updates and collaborate.

Workspace for every project

A single screen to organize and manage all project, team and companywide discussions. Unlike email and text messages, which is based on individual inboxes and mobile messages, Linarc’s Project Workspace consolidates all information using Topics. Setup Topics to organize the team conversations and to share sensitive data securely. You and the team will always have access to the data and discussions you need to make well-informed decisions.

External and Internal Teams

Project workspaces brings teams together across all contractors on the same project. With topic-based access restrictions, you can decide who gets access to what data. This allows project wide collaboration to happen naturally, while protecting sensitive information.

Share Securely

The cornerstone of Linarc’s collaboration engine is its 3 levels of security at company, project & topic level. Company level security prevents critical company data from being shared outside. Project security ensures information is accessible only to the project team. Topic based access rules allows the creator wider control to decide conversation participants.

Context based collaboration

Make every team interaction and transaction count. Linarc allows context specific interactions to keep the team aligned. Set up instructions for specific tasks, markup plans and share in the context of field conversations, RFI or to discuss within your company. Let Topics speed up decision making with the right team.

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