Winning the COVID-19 Battle

COVID-19 has disrupted lives and livelihood across the globe. Resuming work and operations requires careful planning and ensuring employees safety at workplace.

Linarc's FREE Daily Symptom Tracker helps you stay on top of your team's health.


Health Assessment

Employee health assessments establishes the existing health conditions and risk to COVID-19. Employees answer simple questions about their health such as diabetic, having hypertension, etc. These health questions, as identified by CDC, are used to establish a risk number. The health data is secure and can be accessed only by the employee.


Daily Symptom Tracker

Prevention is half the cure. By tracking employee symptoms daily, it is easy to monitor the health of everyone at the site easily. Employees get a reminder message everyday in their mailbox. Using the link, the employees can take the assessment in 5 minutes or less. The back-end algorithm, evaluates their risk and notifies them of the assessment. The symptoms are based on CDC guidelines and kept up to date.


Manager's Report

As a company manger/safety officer in charge of preventing the spread at job-site, you need to be on top of employees who might have some of the early symptoms. The daily report gives you control over this by listing all employees risk profile and the reason for the risk assessment. You can decide if the employee should stay home, self-isolate or come to job site.


Stopping spread at job-site can be as simple as checking symptoms daily.

Practice social-distancing, job-site daily cleaning and worker hygeine to prevent COVID-19 breakouts.