Metrics and KPIs to help you make the right decisions all the time

Measure and track what matters. Linarc provides accurate and real-time metrics on the most critical areas and resources of your business. Customize your dashboard to analyze the operational and project based metrics that are relevant to your business.

Dashboards for every decision maker

Company Management

Linarc’s management dashboard keeps you on top of safety, quality & profitability. With summary sheets for every project, you can focus on the trending issues. Project resource charts help you understand upcoming crew and equipment needs and capacity availability across all projects.

Project Managers

Comprehensive dashboards to measure project performance allows PMs to get the pulse of every project. Project snapshot provides safety alerts, upcoming field work and events. Daily task costs allow you track resource cost regularly against projections.

Foreman/Site Supervisors

Field based stats are designed give Site Superviosrs and Foremen control on the overall job schedule, safety and quality. With automatic DJR, quality reports and task schedule field leads can stay on top of what matters most.


Set company wide cost and project rates for resources. Track cost to a project and stay on top of profitability. Monthly payroll summaries, project cost sheets allow a controller to track cost and job profitability.

Graphs lists and datacards to help you visualize information

Experience Linarc

Manage multiple construction projects, in one place, with ultimate project visibility. Labor productivity.