Automate field operations and improve job productivity

Get rid of excel sheets, manual timecards and handwritten foremen job reports. Linarc’s operations engine digitizes and automates many of the field processes, saving time and improving data accuracy.

The right toolbox to assign measure and manage field work

Field Services

Sync office and field to give Site Managers, Foremen and Crew visibility to relevant information, track time to tasks and share field updates. Reduce manual field entries and improve data accuracy & field productivity.

Task Progress

Real-time task tracker that helps you stay on top of every task. Linarc’s Foreman mobile app lets the foremen measure and update daily progress easily. Linarc automatically computes variance and computes cost and schedule impact.

Daily Job Reports

Reclaim time spent by foremen to prepare job reports with Linarc’s automatic DJR based on field activities for the day. Automatic DJR pulls timeclock, field events, equipment usage, foremen comments and images into a daily report to be used at the office and the field.


Linarc lets a company's controller review daily timecards across the entire company to verify and ensure accuracy. Generate weekly payroll files and integrate with any external payroll system. Convert timecards to payroll, track OT, shifts, paid sick days and leave.

Shifts & OT

Linarc’s shift manager helps you schedule, notify and track multiple shifts on projects. Setup a foremen for every shift and Linarc automatically manages crews assigned to the shift. Setup OTs for specific dates, shifts or individual crew. Receive foremen OT request and authorize.


Linarc lets you set your own time rules: multiple-shifts, hours allowed, OT and more. Digital site based timecards allows every field worker to automatically track time to tasks based on these rules. Daily timecard reports allows office and field to be in sync.

Experience Linarc

Manage multiple construction projects, in one place, with ultimate project visibility. Labor productivity.